Cheyenne Full Flavor

Cheyenne Full Flavor 100s are glorious little cigarillos suitable for those who demand tobacco products with special character. They are constructed with impeccable attention to detail for a consistent burn and taste. From the brand that put cigarillos on the fame pedestal, these cigarillos are 100 percent domestic, made from premium American tobacco.

Great even for the most discriminating of smoking connoisseurs, Cheyenne Full Flavor 100s are like the bird on the packaging: They soar with vivid flavor yet are comfortingly mild in strength, refusing to be contained and demanding to be freely smoked. The earthiness of Cheyenne Full Flavor 100s is unmistakable, the blend smooth and rich. With homogenized, natural wrappers, they also get incredibly high marks when reviewed for their consistency-great construction means you get more pleasure from every pack. Gaining their great taste from the tip of the cigarillo and measuring 99 mm (3.9") by 20, they come in convenient packs of 20.

Format: Cigarillo
20 cigars
Made in: USA

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Cheyenne Full Flavor

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